NYSE stocks spin offs or company splitting

Spin off, so-called Spin Out, is a corporate action when the company splits different areas of its activity into separate companies, i.e. as a result of this fragmentation the internal division of a company becomes an independent business. Splitted company acquires assets, technology, or other products that belong to the branch of the parent company. In the separation of the company shareholders receive a proportional amount of shares of the new company; at the moment of splitting, the shareholders and executives are the same for both companies. Thus, the shareholders after the spin off will be able to reduce their portfolio in one company and to increase it in another without permission. Spin Off – it is always good news for the stocks; due to such news, paper often opens up a gap of 8-12%. Depending on the gap size, the stock may continue the growth if the gap was not very big or if to start closing the gap in the range of 15-20%. Shares of the new company will be growing within 3-4 months from the date of placement. It should be noted that the company splitting is not an instant process; a year or even more can pass from the decision and till the actual release of the new company. So mostly the gaps that arise when announcing the news, close, and the shares of the parent company return to its previous level. Usually, the sufficiently large units involved in real estate are separating to the different company, e.g. PENN company (see picture below); or large units engaged in mining and oil exploration, which is typical for the oil companies (see COP and PSX).

In any company splitting the following 3 main stages can be distinguished:

  1. CEO or board of shareholders decides to split the company. Usually on the publication of this news the parent company grows by 10-12%.
  2. Approval of the decision and the conditions by the Board of Directors. There is almost no reaction on this news. (See VLO)
  3. Placement of the new company shares. Often stocks of the new company grow within 3-4 months from the date of placing (See PSX)

In most newlines it is possible to find the current news on the spin off shares of NYSE and NASDAQ. Full information and reviews on current companies’ splitting you can read on website http://www.stockspinoffs.com

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