Sterling Trader

How to use Stop Orders?

Choose S-STP in TIF field in Level II window and enter stop price:


Hotkey settings example for Stop Orders:

What is Active Log?

Active Log window is the main information window in the platform. Here you see all the info on order execution and cancellation, position opening and closing, and system errors. If you are having problems with the platform, you will be asked to provide a screenshot of the Active Log window by our tech support.

How to close all the positions with one key in Sterling?

You can close all the positions with preset CvrAll command. You can set a hotkey for this command in Settings – Hot Keys.

How to check HTB and Uptick rule on Sterling Trader Pro?

You will see that the stock is hard to borrow when trying to short this stock. Uptick rule status is not provided.

Which ECNs and routes to use in Sterling?

You can use any routes for Sterling Trader Pro. However, executing limit orders on BATS and market orders on EDGA is the most cost-efficient.

How can I save the Sterling platform settings?

Right click in the main window – Layout – Save.

How to change quotes for Sterling?

You can add or remove the quotes using Support Center. The request should be sent at least 2 working days before the end of the month so we can process it. Quotes fee is charged each solar month independent from the date of introduction of changes.

What quotes do I need on Sterling?

At the very minimum, you will need: NYSE Level l for trading NYSE stocks, NASDAQ Level l for trading NASDAQ stocks, and AMEX Level l for AMEX and ETF.

Is there a user manual for Sterling Trader Pro?

Please find the Sterling Trader Pro manual here.

Platform questions

How to change my risk parameters?

You can change your risk parameters using Support Center by filling out a relevant form. The request will be processed within 24 working hours. As usual it takes us only 30 minutes to proceed the request. You can apply for parameters change only once in a trading session.

How to contact tech support and risk managers?

You can contact both by emailing at or using Support Center. Please, be ready to name your trading account number when contacting. Also, note that risk management parameters should be changed using Support Center on website.

How to start trading on a platform?

First, you need to open a trading account or request demo access. After that you will receive an email with detailed instructions.


How do I close positions if I have problems with Internet connection?

If you have no Internet connection and need to urgently close your position(s), please, call +1 (347) 408-00-99.

Information you need to provide with for closing your positions:
1) Full name
2) Account number
3) Position(s) to be closed

Note that your position(s) will be closed using market order.

In case the urgent number is changed, you will be notified about it via email.

Can I trade company’s money?

Yes, you can. But when applying for this option, you should provide a statement issued by Shark Traders proving your successful trading with us for at least 3 months.

Do you provide news or analytics?

You have free access to our weekly market outlooks and online analytics.

What trading strategy to choose?

You can use one of the basic trading strategies: swing trading (stocks are held from several days to several months), day trading (buying and selling within the same trading day), scalping (several seconds to several minutes trades). In terms of risks and experience gaining day trading is an optimal strategy to adhere to.

Do I bear a risk?

Yes, you do. You need to take the risk management seriously to avoid losses.

Deposit and withdrawal

Why did I receive less money than mentioned in withdrawal request?

This difference is a bank fee charged either by our bank or by correspondent banks. This fee is to be covered by a trader.

How to request for withdrawal?

Send a request from our Support Center.

Funds can be withdrawn either to a bank account opened in the name of a trading account holder or to a bank account from which the funds were deposited to this trading account.

What is the payout ratio?

Payout on Sterling Trader Pro is 85%.

When can I withdraw funds?

Net trading profits are paid under withdrawal request by the 30th day of the month in which the net trading profits were realized. For clarity, such amounts owing for January will be paid by the end of February.

How long does it take me to get my account funded?

Bank wire may take up to 5 working days.

What payment methods do you offer?

Bank wire.

How much should I deposit to start trading?

Minimum deposit on Sterling Trader Pro is $2000.


When do I get charged broker fees?

The same time you open/close position. The fee is counted based on maximum rate and is re-calculated at the end of the month.

When do I get charged for platform?

On the 1st of every month. The fees for quotation, terminal, charges for account maintenance and other providing services are charged for each solar month independent on the date of connection.

Does platform fee include quotes fee?

The quotes are not included. You need to buy them additionally. See the list of quotes available for Sterling Trader Pro.

Are ECN and SEC fees included?

The commissions described in our Trading Conditions do not include ECN and/or SEC fees. These exchange fees can be found here.

Are there any hidden fees?

All the fees are listed in your trading agreement, including $10 account opening fee.

What do I pay for trading on Sterling Trader Pro?

You will pay broker commissions and platform fee described in our Trading Conditions.

Demo Account

Is demo trading similar to a live one?

No, because orders on demo account do not go to a real market.

Can I use my demo account as long as I need?

No, it is available only for 7 working days, because there is a limited number of demo accounts and they serve to make you familiar with a trading platform before moving to a real account.

I cannot access my demo account anymore. Why?

Because your demo expired. Request a new one to continue demo trading.

How long can I use my demo account?

From 2 to 7 days depending on number of requests.

Is demo account free?

Yes, it’s absolutely free.

How can I open a demo account?

You can open a demo account by filling out the form here.

Trading Account

Can I open a trading account for several people to trade on it altogether at the same time?

No, trading account can be opened in one name and for one person.

Can I freeze my trading account for a while and make it go live later again?

Yes, you can freeze your account for free by sending a request from our Support Center.

What is the account opening procedure?

You fill out the form for account opening here, we ask you to send us scanned copies of your passport and sign up an Agreement. You deposit funds via bank wire and once the funds reach our bank account, we send you your account details.

Can I open a trading account as a legal entity?

Yes, beside your ID we will ask you to send us the scanned copy of Certificate of Incorporation, and copy of the document proving that you are authorized to represent the company.

What documents needed to open a trading account?

The following documents are required to provide for account opening:

1) One piece of government issued photo ID (passport, identity card, driving license);
2) Proof of physical address (scan of bank statement, utility bill, phone bill, etc. issued within 3 months of the current date).

Do you accept traders from all over the world?

We accept traders from all over the world, except traders living in the USA independently of citizenship. However, US citizens living in any other country are more than welcome.