NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX trading

NYSENYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX are three biggest US stock exchanges. Total number of all the stocks traded on these exchanges amounts to 6500.  Here you may find anything from Facebook to Coca-Cola and to Irobot. US stock market is a classic for investment purposes either for long-term investments in dividend companies or short-term speculations.

US market gives you many opportunities to be used along its high liquidity; you can trade not only stocks but ETF on world stock indices, metals and commodities. Having access to his market, you can make any of your investment ideas come true. With low margin requirements you can do intraday trades and midterm investments, extended infrastructure of regional exchanges and ECN serve to provide fast order execution, and finally, flexible tariffs and fees let us tailor optimal conditions to your needs.

Our traders can choose from three trading terminals so that everyone may find what he needs.

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